Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 30

Baby is the size of: A head large head of lettuce (18 inches, not sure about weight, I go to the Dr. tomorrow)
Symptoms: They may need to change my name to Dragon, because I sure have enough heartburn to breathe fire. I am sleeping sitting up basically, super comfy...not! 
Sleep: I have just accepted the fact that from here on out until we are retired with all of our children out of the house, I will never get another full nights rest. I usually sleep about 4.5 hours a night and make it through the day like a champ most of the time. I do admit that I sit and watch Jonathan sleep, jealously thinking about how I long to be snoring alongside him. 
Fun moment this past week: Meeting my friend Kalee in person! We had so much in common, she and Jonathan are even from the same hometown! It was awesome to connect with another friend through this process. Also, picking out paint colors for our new house! Who knew paint could be so fun?!? We bought it for the WHOLE house, now we to get it up on the walls. 
Movement: When does he not move? He has taken to rolling and flipping over which sends a nauseous feeling through me, but I am learning to adapt. I actually caught a little boxing match with my belly on camera the other day.
What I am looking forward to this week: Well, we are closing on our new house TODAY! So moving is something that we have really been focused on and working towards. Thank goodness we started our packing a couple of weeks ago, now we only have to paint and actually move all those pesky boxes. I am planning on writing a post about our new house, so pictures will be up soon!
Reflections over this past week: Luckily, this whole house thing could not have come at a better time. It has given us the chance for us to focus on something positive. It is those moments when we slow down that we get sad. Then again, the feelings fluctuate between sadness and hope. The mixed bag of emotions are what has been so hard to deal with. The reality of the whole situation is so sad, but yet our hope in the Lord is such a beautiful thing. It's so strange how at one time in your life you can feel such opposite extremes. 
Prayer requests: This week we ask for prayers that the Lord's healing hands be wrapped around Dalton. We ask that he comes out proving every Doctor wrong living a healthy, fulfilling life. We ask for prayers that we make it through this move as sane as possible with the least amount of hiccups. 

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