Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

Well considering this is my first update ever, it better be a good one! My friend Katie over at The Little Green Family does a pregnancy update every week and I think it is just adorable. She is expecting a little girl, Hallie in December with full Trisomy 13, she is such an inspiration to Jonathan and I. I hope she doesn't mind I borrowed some of her update questions to get everyone up to speed.

Here it goes:

Baby is the size of: A head of cauliflower (16 in. 2.5 lbs)
Symptoms: Backache, tingling in my legs
Sleep: Ha! This is God's way of preparing me for when Dalton gets here. We did implement a no technology policy (phones, TV, computers) from 9 pm on in bed and drinking a cup of tea is really starting to help me sleep more soundly during the night. Still waking up 2-3 times for bathroom breaks. Usually at 1 am. and 3:30 am.
Fun moment this past week: (I love this question)- Picking out fabric with Donna and Steve (Jonathan's parents) for Dalton's bedding. Also, my niece Lyla's first birthday party. Love her!
Movement: This child is a mover and a shaker. At any given time during the day he will be shaking around in there. Especially when I settle down for the night. He gravitates towards my right side which is so funny to watch, I will have a HUGE bump on my right and flat tummy on my left.
What I am looking forward to this week: Tomorrow Jonathan and I are flying home to Florida for my shower!! Yay! We could not be more excited to be heading home. I get to see my best friend Kristyn, we have not seen each other in 9 months (the longest we have ever gone, but we still manage to speak everyday). Also, we are getting our maternity pictures done to commemorate this joyous occasion in our lives.
Reflections over this past week: Like I said in my first post, the news of Dalton's condition was more cushioned this time around because of our new found strength in our faith. For Jonathan and I to make the decision to move forward and make the best out of our situation has been pretty helpful for us. We are planning on bringing our baby home (hence the bedding for his room), and regardless if that is God's will or not we will be prepared for our son. We met with a pastor at our church to talk about everything and I came to this amazing epiphany. I explained to her that this experience has left me the highest I have ever been, yet the lowest I have ever been. It is so interesting to see God's hand in all of this. Having comfort in knowing that we do not control the situation has left us with such ease to allow this pregnancy to move forth in such a positive light, but at the same time the downs we experience are overwhelming as well. I think letting go of that control has been the hardest part. Also, the reality of what could actually happen is what brings us back to earth.
Prayer requests: This week we are asking for prayers of healing over baby Dalton (obviously we want a miracle). Also, we are asking for prayers of peace over Jonathan and my heart so that we can fully place our anxieties in God's hand and let his will be done. We would also like prayers for both of our parents, we know that this is not something that any of us expected. They have been so strong and supportive for us and we pray that they find peace in our situation as well. I want them to know how much we appreciate them allowing us to handle our situation as a family on our own with their loving arms wrapped around us in support. We feel them near, even though we are miles apart.

23 weeks. Obviously much larger now. More pics next week from FL shower.
Lyla getting a super excited about her presents.

The fabric we picked for Dalton's bedding. Love our little sailor!

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  1. My dearest friend...I'm so proud of you for showing your vulnerability throuhgout all of this. You and Jonathan are two very special and unique parents. Dalton is lucky that God chose you to take care of him. Keep writing, reflecting, praying, celebrating and enjoying the miracle inside of you. I can't wait to read more updates...even though you're 10 feet away from me each day! Somehow, reading one's thoughts are more personal and deep, gaining a better understanding of your feelings. Thank you for sharing. I know that this will help you and help others...xx