Monday, December 5, 2011

Movin' on Up

We survived! Barely. What a crazy experience moving has been. Let alone at 31 weeks pregnant. We finally closed on Friday, after our closing date was cancelled two times prior. Jonathan was a little stress ball and all I could think about was how much work that needed to get done in a span of a 48 hour weekend. I know, I know it doesn't all have to be done at once, but it's just my personality.
Luckily, we had already packed most of the townhouse up. Which was pretty bittersweet for me. I love that townhouse so much. It was our first home together, and it was perfect. I'll never forget hosting our first Christmas party there. I'll never forget where we were standing when I came out of the bathroom holding two pregnancy tests and said "Uhhhh, we gotta talk". I'll never forget the night we learned of Dalton's diagnosis, sitting on the big couch holding each other, praying in the dark. I'll never forget the fire Jonathan started with papertowels over our gas stove, not realizing that it was, in fact, real flame coming out from the burner. So many memories, most happy and wonderful, yet some shocking and pivotal in our relationship together.
Getting the keys to our new house was so exciting. Jonathan was like a little kid in a candy store, beaming from ear to ear. He may or may not have done a happy dance.
We drove to the new house and immediately got to work!
Crazy 'ole me wanted the entire inside of the house repainted. Forgive me for not being gung- ho about canary yellow, electric blue, and lime green on our walls. We have been so blessed with such wonderful people in our lives that the painting didn't all fall on Jonathan. My brother came from Tallahassee to help us. Also, our friends Brooke, Will, Jennifer, and Matt came to assist in the "painting party". I find if you add the word "party" to the end of anything, people will come.  The pizza and beer were the seller for the boys. I left at about 10:30 pm to go back to the townhouse to get some rest but our sweet little worker bees stayed until 1:00 am. to get a lot of the painting done. Thank you all so much!
The actual heavy lifting started on Saturday morning. Jonathan and the boys got to work early and were pretty much done getting everything in by 4:00 pm. The painting, unpacking of boxes continued through Sunday night and we are exhausted. Jonathan's parents came into town yesterday to help expand our closet and remove some of Dalton's closet so we can have more room in the master closet. Sorry, Mommy gets first dibs on the biggest closet buddy.
There is absolutely no way that we could have done all of this without all of the help from family and friends. We are so blessed! Jonathan and I are very excited to start this new chapter in our lives and to prepare our home for Dalton.

We promise a housewarming party will happen...after the baby comes of course.

The packing begins.

Our lives all boxed up.

The boys ready to get to work.

We are home!

Walking into our new home for the very first time as homeowners.

This was what he had to run to the store for first thing.

Kyle is so happy to be helping.

Will was an expert taper once he figured out that tape goes on the trim, not on the wall.

Matt and Jennifer will always be a part of our master bedroom.

Brooke loves to cut corners.

Will taking a break, after 10 minutes.

He was SO happy we decided to repaint everything.

I got to take the first hit to expand the closet.

I liked it.

Koetter men doing what they do best.


  1. So happy for you both!! I can't wait to see more pictures of the home!

  2. Your new home is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more pics either!
    LOVE the blog! :)

  3. your house looks so cute!! love it!!