Monday, November 14, 2011

Showered with Blessings

I will be completely honest here. I really struggled with the idea of having a baby shower or not. Was I putting too much hope on the situation? After talking about it with Jonathan we decided that because of our decision to press on and enjoy every second of the pregnancy we were going to move forward with the event. I was so happy with our decision. The well wishes and prayers that were placed upon us were so inspirational. We saw friends and family we had not seen for months. It truly was the perfect weekend.

We had flown home to Florida on Thursday night and were greeted by my Mom, Dad, sister and sneaky little brother who decided to surprise us at home from FSU. It was so late at night but we had to see what my Dad had been working on in the backyard. We went out to find the whole yard transformed into an oasis and a beautiful trellis he had built with a sign above it, Dalton Craig Lane. A beautiful tribute to our little guy. Friday, we bopped around town and saw old friends, new babies (Hi Kyla!) and co workers. We ended our evening with dinner and congregating by the fire outside for conversation and cocktails- mocktails for me (It was so cold! At least 70 degrees! Definitely sweater and hot cocoa weather- no joke we had blankets and everything.).

Saturday was shower day! I was very excited and praying that I could keep my emotions in check with everything going on. I started my day by doing something I usually would do when I lived at home. I drove down the street to my best friend Kristyn's house and we sat in our pjs and ate leftovers in her fridge from the night before. Being away from her during this tumultuous time has been so hard for us both. This mornings conversation was different than all the others we had engaged in over the years. We spoke of God and how he had changed us both during this time. She told me how proud she was of the person I had been molded into and that I was an inspiration to her. I don't know if she will ever know how much that meant to me, coming from someone who I admire and love so deeply.

At 2 o'clock on Saturday my sister and I drove to the shower at my Aunt Ellen's beautiful house. She and my Mom had decorated the whole thing and it was the perfect balance of class and fun! From a watermelon carved cradle to an awesome diaper cake- I was blown away at what these two party planners had accomplished! It was beautiful! Guests started arriving and Dalton was loving every second of it. Like I said before, he is quite the mover and today was no different. He must have been super excited because his Honey (Jonathan's mom) and Mama (Jonathan's grandmother) traveled from North Carolina and Bradenton to celebrate him- lucky boy! Most everyone that was there knew about our situation, so putting their minds at ease that Jonathan and I are using our faith as our strength was reassuring to them. The amount of ministry that was done at this shower was truly amazing. Being able to speak so open and freely about how God has blessed us and how our hope is never failing, was very comforting. We got some great gifts to welcome our little boy and I was able to hold it together for most of the day. Quite an accomplishment if I may say so myself. It was a wonderful celebration of Dalton and we could not have asked for a better shower. It was everything I had ever dreamed of.

All in all, it was a weekend both Jonathan and I needed. It was nice to get out of Atlanta and back to the familiarity of Jupiter. There is a certain peace that comes over us every time we are home. Life was so much easier when we lived there while we were dating. It was fun, carefree, and simple. It has been so interesting to see how much our lives have changed just in the last year and half since we left. We may not live in Jupiter anymore but it will always have a piece of our hearts. God has written our stories and though we may not have ever expected to end up in Atlanta, the people we have become may not have transpired had we stayed. But who knows- there is always retirement!

Aunt Ellen and I- check out the watermelon cradle!

Mama, Honey, Me, Dalton, and Gigi

Dalton's diaper cake that Gigi made him. AMAZING!

I'm so blessed to have these girls in my life.

Working on a quilt square for Dalton's sea creature blanket.

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