Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 33

Baby is the size of: A pineapple (19 to 22 in. 4.9 lbs)
Symptoms: I feel like Dalton is starting his descent! He has definitely been pressing down on my pelvis a lot more which has caused some odd walking habits. My lower back may be the worse it has been this whole time this week. Honestly, I wouldn't give up being pregnant for anything. I feel that even with all the aches and pains it has been such a blessing for me to be able to experience this.
Sleep: Non existent with the backache and 9 bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Yes, you heard me, 9.
Fun moment this past week: We had a lot this week! It started off with a cookie exchange party at Brooke and Will's house. It was so beautifully decorated and it was nice to have an evening out where I could dress up. Then on Friday, Mary Riddick and Brooke surprised me with a pre-natal massage for my Birthday. It was heaven! I left saying I felt like I could carry Dalton for 9 more months, thats how relaxed I was. Of course that statement was promptly revoked the next day. On Monday, we had dinner with our new friends, Kalee and her husband Matt,  their friendship is one of the many blessings we have gained from this whole experience. You can read Kalee's blog here . I also got to come home yesterday! It is such a joy to be back in paradise. For now, while I anxiously await Jonathan's arrival on Friday, I am just trying to finish (and start) Christmas shopping, and spend as much time as possible with my family and Kristyn. 
*Side note- My sister, Brianna and I found THE outfit to bring Dalton home from the hospital in. It is absolutely beautiful and we both cried when we laid eyes on it. We knew it was "the one". Praying and hopeful he gets to wear it. 
Movement: Still quite active. I wait in bed every morning until I feel him start moving. It just brings me so much comfort to feel him start rolling around in there everyday. He likes to give what we call "shows", where he actually makes my belly shift from side to side really quickly. Dalton also has been loving on some chocolate milk. Whenever I drink it, he goes nuts! 
What I am looking forward to this week: Having Christmas with my family and the time we will get to spend with one another. I feel that this Christmas has a brand new meaning to us as a whole. Being surrounded by my family has already shown me that our situation has taught everyone something they did not know before. I think the true reason for Christmas will be glorified through our actions towards one another and conversations we have to glorify God even further. We know that he has his hands in all of this and that we were all picked to be a part of Dalton's story regardless of the outcome. 
Reflections over this past week: This was a much better week for me emotionally than last week. I have decided that where I am in this journey is exactly where I need to be. Everyone deals with situations differently and the fact that I am choosing to be as hopeful as I am is just right, for me. Science is not the tell all end all. We had proof of that this week. Hallie was born on Monday with Trisomy 13  and is already defying the odds. She came out with a strong heartbeat and breathing on her own. Then they tried to give her a bottle to drink from and she was able to! A baby with a cleft palette should not be able to drink from a bottle, but Hallie did. If that doesn't give everyone hope, I don't know what will. Continuing to keep up with Hallie's story is building my faith in our journey day by day. Catch up on her Mom, Katie's blog here.
Prayer requests: This week I ask for continued prayers for Dalton and that he may come out defying the odds working against him. His heart is still having problems growing, so specific prayers for the left side of his heart to catch up to the right side. Also, the ventricles in his brain are still enlarged , so prayers for them to not get any bigger in the coming weeks. We would also like to pray for comfort for Jonathan and I as our due date nears, that our anxiety does not get any higher but our faith continues to lift us up. Finally, I ask for prayers for Hallie as she continues her fight, and that she feels the love and support surrounding her. 
 Brooke and Will's festive luminares. Can you tell where Will works?
 Yummy...for those who could partake.

 Dalton was one happy boy that night. 

 Yah. No big deal. This is what Christmas vacation SHOULD look like.
 Brie by the beach.
 I took this in the car, while driving. But I had to show off my favorite part of Jupiter. 
 So happy to see my puppies! Latte is such a model.
 This is her pensive look.
Last but not least, the most gorgeous tree ever. My Mom never ceases to amaze me. The Macy's tree as Jonathan calls it. 


  1. so glad that you're enjoying your time with your family...relax, accept pampering from your mommy and prepare for the glorious celebrations of Christmas! xx

  2. Hey! You are in my prayers! Much love to y'all. Merry Christmas!!

  3. I said aloud as I read...

    "A pineapple! Whoa!"

    Loves, prayers, and hugs to you. Relish the time in Florida, with Jonathan, and with you wonderful family. And remember you have folks who are just like family waitin' for ya in Atlanta upon your return.

    MC and HB, KSK!

  4. Love the post Kara! I am so glad that our journey with McKinley brought us awesome new friends as well! :) Still praying for sweet Dalton!! Can't wait to meet him and that cute little nose of his! By the way, your hometown is beautiful! They are like pictures from a magazine!

  5. So glad you are at home! I have been praying that you would be able to make the trip and stay the entire time. Continued prayers that Dalton waits until you get back to Atlanta. Loved seeing y'all and the house. Merry Christmas from the Ouzts!

  6. Kara and Jonathan,
    David and I have been praying for Dalton and both of your families since I first stumbled upon your blog through Kalee's. We are sending much love your way! Kara, I met you at John Clark's wedding. Please tell Donna and Steve we are thinking of them too. David and Becky Smith