Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 32

Baby is the size of: A honeydew (19 inches, 4.5lbs)
Symptoms: I am so uncomfortable! I just can't seem to get comfy no matter what I do. But that's okay. I know that my body is just adjusting to Dalton growing and I am okay with that. My back pains are just getting to be a little old, could definitely use a massage (hint hint Jonathan!).
Sleep: We have been so busy that I have actually been sleeping through the night. Though Jonathan tells me I am in fact waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom at around 3:30 every night. I must just be getting used to it and sleepwalking may be a new hobby of mine.
Fun moment this past week: Scott's antique market was a very fun little day for us. Our good friends, Brooke and Will came with us for buyers support. Will even found a treasure- a blue troll doll! Also, is it sad that I am about to say a trip to Costco? Yup, definitely in Mommy mode. I have gotten to the point where at the end of the day, the thought of cooking just seems so exhausting to me. So we went a little crazy in the frozen food section just stocking up on some easy meals. Also, at my Doctors appointment on Monday it was a no news appointment! My favorite kind. No bad news- so leaving with no news always seems exciting. 
Movement: It was funny because at the Doctor on Monday the u/s tech was moving the wand across my belly and Dalton kicked  completely on the other side and she said "Oh my gosh!Was that him? He is so strong!". That's one thing that continues to give us hope, he is literally fighting inside of me. It makes me so happy to feel those rolls, shifts, and feet digging into my ribs. 
What I am looking forward to this week: WE ARE GOING HOME!! I am scheduled to leave next Tuesday and Jonathan will join me on Friday. So now all I have to do is continue my Christmas shopping and start to pack. It is going to be so wonderful to be with family and friends over Christmas. Also, being in Jupiter has become like a fun vacation for us. It is just so relaxing, definitely a much needed trip. 
Reflections over this past week: I had the opportunity to meet with other Trisomy moms on Monday night which was a real eye opener. I feel like the experience was something great, because meeting so many supportive women was wonderful. But, I was also very quickly whipped back into reality. And I don't know if I was ready to be. That emotion from Monday night has been lingering through out this week. I had a breakdown in the grocery store over a gallon of milk yesterday, the Kroger employees must think I am a nut job. I think all of these emotions come not only with pregnancy but also with our situation, things are definitely heightened. I started to read the book I Will Carry You.  It is a mothers journey of carrying her daughter to term after being given the "incompatible with life" diagnosis. It is a true journey of faith. The scripture woven throughout the story has been very inspirational and great for points of reference. Everything she writes just seems to be exactly what I want to say, just much more eloquently done. My friend told me that I would only be able to take in a little bit at a time. I was expecting to be able to sit down and read for long periods of time (which is something very common for me). Unfortunately,  I can already tell it might take me a while to make it through. It's just so much truth and it gets to be a little much all at once. 
Prayer requests: This week I ask for prayers for my emotional healing. It just gets hard sometimes being hopeful at all times with the fears of reality staring me down. I pray that I can be in touch with the reality of our situation without losing the faith in miracles.Yes, science may be telling us one thing, but God is much greater than science. Something in the book I am reading reminded me not to go to God with a laundry list of things to heal but to let him know your problem and he will figure out the solution, according to his will. Continue your prayers for baby Dalton and that he continue to feel Gods love. Also, Hallie is due on December 19th, so I pray for a safe delivery of her into this world and that God gives the Doctors the knowledge to best aid her once she arrives.

Dalton's ultrasound from Monday- 32 weeks

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