Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's in a name?

People have asked us several times why we chose the name Dalton. Everyone has their own opinions on his name but one thing is for sure, Jonathan and I love it. When we first got married I remember sitting around and throwing different names around. Dalton was never in the cards! I was 8 weeks pregnant when we found out we were expecting. A major shocker! But now we could actually start to think about the names. For our anniversary that 8th week I had given Jonathan a BBQ cooking class. He went to the class that weekend and met this guy named Dalton. So random. We were sitting around chatting about the class he had taken and he told me about his new friend he had made over yummy grilled quail and Sweetwater 420. I stopped and told him "I have never heard that name before. I like it." As a teacher I have to say it is extremely difficult to find a name that has not been tainted by an unruly little stinker over the years. I had never had a Dalton in class, nor had I heard of one at our school. It was officially in the name bank amongst several others. No decisions had been made yet, because we were still waiting to find out the sex of the baby.

We found out Dalton's diagnosis the day that we went in to find out whether our little peanut was a he or a she. They told us it was a boy before the Doctor disappeared for 45 minutes, only to come back revealing the most devastating news a parent can hear. Like I have said before, I felt like I was in a nightmare, having an out of body experience.

It was that evening that we knew we wanted to choose a name, we wanted our son to have an identity. I looked up the definitions of the names we had narrowed down and saw that the name Dalton meant "the valley". It was then I knew that the name Dalton, was perfect for our little angel.

This has no doubt been the biggest valley that Jonathan or I have ever faced. The best part about valleys is that they are surrounded by mountains. It is those mountains that we see in the distance that are giving us the strength to move forward. The good thing about our valley is what we have learned from being inside of it for the past 17 weeks. We have learned to lean on our faith when absolutely nothing seems "okay". We have learned that no matter what the outcome, a mountain will be there eventually to greet us on the other side.

I also find it extremely coincidental that the bible verse from Psalm 23:4 is such a popular one, that relates to our situation so well. Just another way in how God works in mysterious ways to reveal his presence to you during your darkest days.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.- Psalm 23:4

I think this verse reveals that so easily, you can let the negative overcome you. You can focus so much on all the bad things and miss out on all the small blessings. Those blessings for me are feeling his little kicks, having Jonathan talk to him every night, and the 24 hours a day I get to enjoy him inside of me. Those blessings are what is keeping me going, fighting to make it to the end.

These upcoming weeks of waiting and finally getting to meet him are filled with anxiety and excitement. We finally get to meet our precious Dalton. The little boy who has taught us and many others so much already. Hearing that our little "valley" has shown people so many mountains is what keeps us going each and everyday. Thank you for sharing with us how our little boy has inspired you and your life.


  1. Kara, I am so proud of you and Jonathan for staying strong and leaning on each other in this time. I don't know if I could be as faithful and optimistic as you have been; you really are an inspiration. I know we see each other only a couple of times a year, but know that I love you and am thinking of you...your whole family is sending lots of hugs and love from south Florida. Can't wait to meet Dalton!
    Love from your cousin, Jenn

  2. Kara, this is so beautifully said. We love all three of you and are praying for you each time you come to mind. I pray that Dalton will be the star of the show! Amazing all who meet him and making an impression that will both last a lifetime and changes lives forever! Love Jeannie

  3. As with Hallie and the Green family we will pray for you. When the weight of the world seems too great ask the Lord to send it our way so we can pray even more fervently. God bless you Dalton see you soon.