Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Baby is the size of: Large cantaloupe (really, what is the difference between a regular melon and a large one?!) Getting a growth measurement at my appointment on Tuesday.
Symptoms: I have started back at work this week. Wow, was that ever a shock to my system. So much of a shock that I have been having consistent contractions for a couple of days now. They Doctor has told me that it is just my body preparing for labor. Let's just say I will have lots of practice! 
Sleep: With the exhaustion of going back to work has actually helped the sleeping situation. I just crash at the end of the day and am swept into a sweet slumber, only to be disturbed by my son kicking my bladder consistently. Luckily, I have been practicing some relaxation techniques and am able to get back to sleep without letting my mind drift too much. 
Fun moment this past week:Jonathan and I are so excited because Dalton's nursery is finally coming along! We worked on it most of the weekend, even through our crazy New Years Eve (I am totally being facetious here, we fought to stay awake until 12:03). Thanks to Brooke and Will's help we were able to get the room painted and all of his stuff organized. Will and I even tested out his baby video monitor in different parts of the house, we may have had too much fun with that one. We feel so blessed to have such good friends in our lives.
On Monday, Jonathan's brother came into town from Savannah to celebrate Christmas with us Atlanta Koetters. It was so much fun watching Lyla open her gifts. She is the most polite gift receiver I have ever seen, pretty impressive for a 14 month old. Bless her heart, she takes time opening each gift and oohing each one. I love that she likes to stretch out the whole gifting process to show others how much she appreciates her presents. I already know how much she loves Dalton and I bet she can't wait to teach him her sweet ways. 
Movement: All the time! A lot more contractions though then kicks now that he is getting bigger. 
What I am looking forward to this week: MOMMY IS COMING!!!! I am so excited! She along with all of my Valdosta family are coming into town for my Atlanta baby shower. Mary Riddick, Brooke, and Katherine have been working so hard to create a beautiful shower for me. They will never know just how much it means to me. Treating this pregnancy as normal as possible has been a goal for me, and this is just one of the ways for me to continue to have as much hope in the Lord for our situation. I am also looking forward to Dalton's growth measurement on Tuesday. I love to hear that he is getting bigger! 
Reflections over this past week: I have been doing okay this week. With decorating the nursery, getting back to work, I have barely had time to worry. There have been a couple of times when I have been taking a break and I just start to cry. Obviously that is expected. But I feel that my emotions are just so mixed. I am so beyond ecstatic to meet my son, yet at the same time I am freaking out. I usually can't even tell why I start to cry, but it just happens. I let it run its course, then I continue on with what I am doing. I know one thing for sure, I am so ready to be out of this unknown stage and finally get some answers. We are trying to also mentally prepare for Hallie's memorial service on Saturday. I have been thinking about it ever since we found out the date and time. I know it is not going to be easy, but being there in support of Katie is what matters most. My Mom did the sweetest thing the other day. She left me a voicemail of a wind chime blowing in the wind, then she said "That is God playing sweet lullabies for baby Hallie, baby McKinley and all the tiny angels who have left the world too soon". It just touched me so much and now every time I hear a wind chime I think of those sweet girls, and how blessed I have become knowing their stories. I just pray that Dalton can be used as an inspiration for others and showing them what faith looks like. 
Prayer requests: This week I ask for prayers for comfort and strength for Jonathan and I. I also ask for Gods healing hands to be placed over our baby boy so that he endures the least amount of trauma and pain possible. We also ask for peace for our families in knowing that Jonathan and I are handling this situation the best way we know how. There is no instruction manual for how to go through something like this, and we are doing our best with God guiding us through the darkest times. 
I mean, how sweet is this reaction to an ornament?

She loved it!

"Is this all for me?!"

Lyla even helped Uncle J open Dalton's gifts.

A pretty teddy for a pretty girl.

The sweetest girl in my life.

Daddy- so proud of his son's crib. 


  1. Whoa, I just had a moment when reading about the voicemail your mom left you. I also smile every time I hear a wind chime. Its funny how things like wind that use to bug me (because it would mess up my hair, or blow a piece of paper out of my hand for me to chase) I now long for... Love you and love Dalton!!!

  2. Kara,
    Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you get closer to your due date. I am enjoying following your blog entries and I am so grateful that you and Kalee have connected. You are such a blessing to her, her family and everyone who reads your blog.

    Also wanted to say that I moved my wind chimes near a window so that I could hear the beautiful lullabies even when the wind is barely blowing. In fact, I crack the window often . . . just to hear it. Everytime I hear my chimes or any wind chimes I immediately think of McKinley and now Hallie too.

    Thanks for your friendship with Kalee and thank you for being an example to the entire world about the beauty and preciousness of every life.

    Hugs & prayers,
    Wendee (Kalee’s mom and McKinley’s grandmother)