Monday, January 9, 2012

In Awe...

I could not wait to write about this past weekend. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was just so excited to share about one of the top five moments of feeling loved in my life. The weekend started off a little rough. We had Hallie's memorial service to attend on Saturday. Jonathan and I were both a tad bit apprehensive about going, just with it being so close to our due date. It was kind of like the reality we feared to face. Luckily, Kalee and Matt were right there by our side. It was a blessing for Kalee and I both to have each other to lean on, and even our goofy husbands had each other for support.
Walking into the space felt surreal. It looked magical. The stage was dimly lit with what looked like floating candles. Pictures of Hallie and the Green family rolled on the screen. It was at that point Jonathan looked at me and said "I'm not gonna do so hot". It was the most beautiful service I have ever been to. The music that was sung, the words spoken by Katie and Chris, and the memory of Hallie just filled the room. I felt honored to be a part of something so meaningful. It was perfect. Emotionally draining, absolutely. But we were both so happy that we went to support the Green family and honor baby Hallie. Jonathan and I talked about Katie and Chris' strength and how they serve as an inspiration to us. All of the Moms and Dads we have come into contact with on this journey have, and we feel so lucky to have come to know them because of our situation.
My family was in town from Valdsota and Florida to help celebrate my shower on Sunday. So we got to spend the day with them on Saturday which was so much fun! We hosted our first family dinner party and it was quite successful. I didn't have to lift a finger, my Mom is way too good to me.
So this shower has been in the works since I was like 8 weeks pregnant. Mary Riddick, Brooke, and Katherine have been so thoughtful in planning it and making sure every detail was covered. I'll have to admit I was exhausted on Sunday and prayed that I would make it through without seeming so tired. The second I walked in, I felt rejuvenated. The decor, the food, the music, the games, everything was perfect! And the best part about this shower was, it wasn't about the gifts. They made sure that I felt the love from every single person in that room.
We got the most precious gifts, from a plaque with Dalton's name and "his" verse (Jeremiah. 29:11) engraved, to a dear friend arranging for a photographer to come to the hospital to photograph Dalton, a beautiful birthing gown, and of course more snuggly clothes for our little man. Everything just seemed so thoughtful, and tears were brought to my eyes on several occasions.
Katherine had asked me to bring Dalton's baby blanket with me to the shower. I was a little perplexed, but did as I was told. Secretly thinking, I hope we don't all sign it as a guest book because it is going to be washed eventually (contrary to what Jonathan may say about my baby blanket!) and I didn't want anything to come off in the wash. I was completely thrown off guard when Katherine stood up and spoke the kindest words about our family and our situation. She then asked everyone to come and hold onto a piece of the blankie and pray. We had an open prayer for about 10 minutes, and those prayers spoken and unspoken, were no doubt the best gifts I have ever received. Never in my life have I ever felt so blessed. There was an air in the room of comfort and hope, and you could truly feel God's presence. I have never been a part of something so powerful and I felt honored for these prayers to be sent up on my sons behalf. It was a reminder of how many prayers are being said for our family constantly.
We are so thankful and feel so blessed for all of you taking the time to think of us. We see the work that God is already doing in Dalton's life, and our own. I am a better person because of my son, and for that reason-I would not change a thing.
I left the shower just in awe of everything that the afternoon had brought. My Mom told me how comforted she was knowing that I was surrounded with so much love, even though she is so far away. I wish so much that I could express in words just how touched Jonathan and I are by the amount of prayers and amount of love we feel. Right now we can simply say, thank you.

A beautiful wordle made up of my letter to Dalton

I almost knocked the table over. So big!

Dalton's wish book.

My lovely hostesses- Katherine, Brooke, and Mary Riddick

The most adorable invitation. 

Fell in love with the nautical decor.

Lily Sweet made me a photo album to put pictures of Dalton in.

The beautiful prints from Marsha for the nursery.

A stroller to push our little man around! So happy!

Mommy had this quilt made from my Florida shower.

Feeling so loved and surrounded by God's presence.

Thank you. I will remember this moment always.


  1. goofy husbands! ha! I love it!! :)

  2. what a beautiful shower! you are so loved!!
    we can't wait to see yall Saturday and to meet your husbands, too!
    thank you so much for coming Saturday. I know it had to be hard as your emotions are on high right now and being so close to meeting Dalton! So thank you so much for coming, it means so much. and know that i was trying to write what I was going to say that day, I continued to think and pray for you!

  3. What a beautiful day for you. Your friends and family are amazing. How special that blanket will be when you cover Dalton with it. It will be like covering him and protecting him with the prayers of all who love him.
    Thanks for sharing this special event.

    Hugs from another trisomy mom

  4. Loved this post (and all your posts). Such a gorgeous shower for such a beautiful family! Just wanted to say that I pray for you all and baby Dalton everyday...and I loved that your friend did that for you (a prayer circle). That is just so awesome and something you will remember for the rest of your life.

  5. Kara,
    I've been keeping you in my prayers. Blair told me about your blog. I miss seeing your beautiful face. God Bless you and your family! You're amazing.
    Mrs. Buckman